Mark Shead


(888) 937-4210



Harvard University        Cambridge, MA

Master of Arts, Information Technology, 2010


Pittsburg State University         Pittsburg, KS

Master of Arts, Music Composition, 1999


Oral Roberts University         Tulsa, OK

Bachelor of Arts, Music Composition, 1998



Xeric Corporation        Fort Scott, KS

President        2006Present


Xeric Corporation provides a diverse set of consulting services to businesses looking for high efficiency, low communication overhead and a strong focus on people skills. Xeric targets startups and startup style projects within large established organizations.


Representative Projects:

Clients Include:

  • U.S. Department of the Treasury 

  • DTE Energy Company 

  • Hearst Corporation 

  • InnoSynth 

  • Priority Pass 

  • Hairbow Center 

  • QRI International 

  • Optimal Solutions 


  • Ward/Kraft Inc. 

  • Laugh Your Way America 

  • Celebration Church, Green Bay 


Writer/Owner        2005–Present


Productivity501 is recognized as one of the top 50 blogs on personal productivity. It serves as an outlet for non-technical writing as well as providing a sales pipeline and exposure for Xeric Corporation services.


Optimal Solutions Incorporated        Grandville, MI

Senior Software Engineer        20052006


Seven-month temporary position begun several weeks after data loss of code repository and departure of sole programmer.  Managed the software development process from an uncompilable code base to a stable release. Responsible for continued development and maintenance of eVideon digital video management software.  Implemented version control, secure external repository access, automated builds, automated testing, test coverage reports, software metrics, visual build notification and code style reports.  


Resurrection Life Church (7,000 members, 200+ employees)        Grandville, MI

Director of Information Technology        20012005


Oversaw all IT related functions ensuring optimum system performance and efficient business processes. Led the development of web-based software for time and attendance, nursery check-in, forms processing, project management, cost accounting, and other internal applications. Started the Technical Arts Internship program to train young people on the use of media and technology. Designed, implemented, and managed help desk, web and application development, firewalls and security policies, VPN for remote sites, electronic payment processing, voice and data contracts, and VoIP based PBX. Worked closely with the finance department to establish corporate cost accounting systems.


Fort Scott Community College         Fort Scott, KS

Adjunct Professor        2000

Guest Lecturer        2007-Present


Taught several classes on Internet technologies as an adjunct professor. Ongoing guest lectures each semester on technology, software engineering and related topics.


Mercy Hospital And Health System Of Kansas        Fort Scott, KS

Consultant        20012002

Network Administrator        19992001

Network Technician        19971999

PC Technician        19951996


Represented company at Sisters of Mercy corporate level regarding technical policy and design issues. Maintained router and remote access device programming and security as additional sites were added and network topology was updated. Responsible for WAN/LAN connectivity for two hospitals and 12 small clinics. Obtained CCNA certification from Cisco. Enabled and maintained network connectivity of over 1200 devices including Exchange 5.0/5.5 server, Novell networking, and handheld PCs. Responsible for upgrade and maintenance of all client/server technologies. Developed and conducted training programs for Microsoft Office applications, efforts increased employee productivity. Created simulation software to test new network configurations without impacting operations.